High Tech Installations also has your most precious valuables in mind when in comes to security. Monitor your kids and their caregivers with strategically placed covert surveillance cameras. By keeping an eye on individuals in the home and another on the front door, home security cameras can help prevent incidents as well as provide valuable footage if the unthinkable were to occur.

With hi-tech gadgets providing convenience in every part of our lives, it is only natural that we expect the same technological presence in the home. Let HTI bring every room of your home into the twenty first century with a custom designed home theater setup or home automation system. Imagine using a touch panel to control audio, lighting or temperature from your living room or kitchen. Simple remotes can do even more to automate simple tasks that might otherwise be forgotten. And intercom systems aren’t just for businesses anymore. Some models can even help clear up your voice, play music throughout the home and provide the convenience of communication with spouses and children in different rooms. With many options to choose from, HTI can make your home work for you.

Having your home built? Protect the valuable materials that will one day be your home with a covert surveillance system. Some insurance companies give discounts for construction sites with added security. When your home is complete, HTI can integrate your system into the home for continued peace of mind.