Celebrating 31 Years of Excellent Service

2020 marks our 31st Anniversary of High Tech Installations!

Established in 1989, HTI has become a company dedicated in finding the latest innovations to help clients use technology to their best advantage. We pride ourselves on working with businesses and homes of all sizes. Our specialists work with their customers to find premium solutions that not only fit their needs, but also their budgets. Even if it means repairing or upgrading and exitising system, a High tech Installations team member will be there through and through.

At HTI we are certified technicians by All the Top Security Camera Manufacturers. Before installing their first systems, technicians spend hundreds of hours in the classroom learning the intricacies of their hardware. Training ensured the proper use of their DVRs/NVRs and cameras when we install them in your facility or home. High Tech Installations employees will arrive on time, working quickly and leaving a job site spotless using only top quality cables, connectors and other products during the installation so your system is reliable and efficient for years to come. Our skilled personnel are also trusted as third party technicians, servicing equipment in chain stores for periodic maintenance and repairs

Choosing High Tech Installations means you value quality and safety. HTI knows it is important that our technicians retain the client’s trust and respect the privacy of our customers. Our skilled employees are discrete, discussing the installation process and questions with personnel appointed only by the client. When the job is complete, you can be certain that your location and data were secured by dependable professionals. Safeguard your personal and professional valuables with High Tech Installations. Dependable, Affordable and Secure.