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How secure are we?

Most requests to secure buildings, airports, Commercial, Industrial workplaces fall into these categories. Employee and Visitor Badging Systems identify all individuals located within your facility. Personal ID badges with the individuals photograph clearly displayed can quickly verify you belong inside the protected area. Photographs are now stored within the computer database of the access system and can be programmed to instantly appear on the computer monitor screen when the card reader is activated. Access Control Devices like card readers biometric type devices, or turnstiles prevent non-authorized individuals from freely entering your workplace unchecked and unnoticed. While these high tech devices will verify you belong inside a protected area, if they control the opening of a single door you can run the risk of multiple individuals entering at once and thereby defeating the system.

Intercom systems

are implemented to allow communications from various locations in a building or secured area to a control center. For example, if someone is attempting to gain access to a secured area without access control,or if access control is present and his/ her card was lost or forgotten, the individual could activate the intercom system to the central control center to request entry. Intercom systems provide two-way communications between the control and remote stations. Intercoms can also provide video if required

High Tech Installations has the ability to custom design and manufacture almost any type of intercom stanchion desired. Indoor or outdoor, stainless steel or lexan, we can provide the housing to perfectly match your existing decor.

When protecting an facilities entrance, consider a system that is user friendly to visitors and vendors who must enter areas protected by card access security systems. Some systems provides a wide range of access entry systems with either audio-only or audiovisual identification of a visitor. When a person presses the button on the audio/video entry system, the doorbell rings and the video monitor provides a clear, bright image of who is at your door. Some cameras can be moved horizontally or vertically for a better view. Once the visitor has been approved, a door release button can be pressed to let the visitor in. This not only improves security, but it is also adds real convenience to your access control system.

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